Athlete Interview: Emmanuel Jenkins

Athlete Interview: Emmanuel Jenkins

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At Mass Cast, we have the pleasure of sponsoring the most powerful and dedicated weightlifters in the world! We would like you to meet this month’s athlete Emmanuel Patton (Jenkins) from Indianola, MS. He is a straight SAVAGE!! Proud to call this guy one of our own! 

Now for this months interview…

My name is Emmanuel Patton (Jenkins). I am from and currently live in Indianola, MS I’m a school teacher for 7th/8th grade at a Christian Academy that my family owns. I have taught there 6 years now. I’m married and have two children, a boy and a girl. I met my wife in college and we married 4 years after first meeting on campus. I played football throughout my schooling but stopped after entering college.

I have competed in powerlifting seven times. Won six gold medals with USAPL and 1 with USPA. I hold three state records for raw bench only and won at the  Southern Regionals a few years back in USAPL. Definitely will have to compete again, as those numbers I put up are now numbers. I workout with ease.

I started lifting at home with my older brother. We would bench and squat every day, I was 5th grade. We were just training to get stronger for football, but then I would use it as a stress reliever also, was kind of upset as a youth about some things. I remember lifting 185, weighing only like 140lbs, then two weeks later, lifting 205lbs easily..still at 140lbs. Never had a coach but my family has always been know for being strong. My day was “the guy” back in the day and my uncle, his brother, was a beast as well. Basically just following up behind them with my strength training. My best lift, was 555lbs on bench without a slingshot in the gym. I was 238lbs. Best squat was 575lbs some years ago, was 220lbs. Best deadlift was even further back and was only 500lbs at 185lbs. 

I train 3 days a week. Chest on Mondays with arms. Back on Wednesday, with arms again. On Friday I hit shoulders, also finish up with arms. I do 8 exercises for each muscle group, super setting each set, 5×10-12 reps with as much weight as possible. Currently for chest days, I start with 2×2 on bench, close grip bench, and incline bench with something heavy and each week I go up 10lbs. 

My plan is to start back competing this year. Took some time off from competitions after my daughter was born. I want to get a competition lift of over 500lbs on bench. I am still chasing that gym lift of 600lbs. I want to do all this while still weighing 240-235lbs. I want to win state, then regionals, then nationals, then compete internationally before I stop competing. I will continue to lift, as of now, I’m also lifting but maintaining a reasonable weight so I can easily change gears and do a physique show this year as well. So, training is something I will continue to do forever, I have an uncle over 60 that looks 35 because he still trains.

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