Due to the high volume of applications, in order for us to make a decision regarding your application, please have your Instagram profile set to public, otherwise, your application may be denied. Thank you!

  • All MASSCAST ATHLETES are asked to post twice a month MINIMUM on Instagram or Facebook. This is done so by posting photos and or videos while wearing Mass Cast apparel. We encourage creativity! Posts are not limited to the gym environment nor selfies.
  • All MASSCAST ATHLETES are asked to TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS for @mass_cast and LIKE and Comment as soon as possible after each post is made. (Ensures cross promotional exposure)
  • MASSCAST ATHLETES are asked to like and comment within their own social media channels. Engagement is key. (i.e. responding to comments and or questions to show interaction and a sense of connection between you and your followers as they are essentially an audience to your profile.)
  • All MASSCAST ATHLETES are asked to write a review on the Mass Cast Facebook page.
  • All MASSCAST ATHLETES are asked to repost our giveaways and contests.
  • All MASSCAST ATHLETES are asked to use all of our top 3 most unique and frequently used social hashtags when posting content related, but not limited to, fitness and or Mass Cast. #masscast #masscastapp #rankyourrecords
  • MASSCAST ATHLETES may be asked to engage with local events and/or expos.
  • MASSCAST ATHLETES will contribute to feedback requested on new flavors, products, giveaways.
  • All MASSCAST ATHLETES will NOT represent or promote other companies with competing products.


  • HUGE DISCOUNTS on Mass Cast and Sponsored Products such as brand apparel, supplements, and exercise support equipment like wrist wraps, bands, lifting belts etc!
  • Personal Discount Code
  • Earn Points to redeem FREE sponsored product!
  • Free Mass Cast Gear!
  • Veteran Athletes will automatically receive a monthly Mass Cast Box, which will include new products for you to be the FIRST to indulge in!

At Mass Cast we will feature our brand ATHLETES and help them grow their business as well. As your numbers grow, so does your influence! This will not only help our brand awareness but will also help increase your personal BRAND ATHLETES sales and bring you additional opportunities from other brands.

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