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How does the MC SCORE work?

How does the MC SCORE work?

Yo, how much do you bench? …squat? how about deadlift?” Are common questions you can hear at your local gym. But does stating how much you lift really tell how strong you are? It’s all about your weight and the weight you lifted. We should be really asking what do you rank on Mass Cast or what is your MC SCORE? What is your MC Score you might ask? Your MC Score is the best way to figure out who the lb for lb/kg for kg strongest people are on the planet!

For Power Lifts your MC score is based off your Wilk’s Score created by Rober Wilks, CEO of Powerlifting Australia. He came up with the following formula with the intent of leveling the playing field between men and women of different weights. Wilk’s Formula is a coefficient that can be used to measure the strength of a powerlifter against other powerlifters despite the different weights of the lifters.

The Values For men are: a=-216.0475144 | b=16.2606339 | c=-0.002388645 | d=-0.00113732 | e=7.01863E-06 | f=-1.291E-08

The Values For women are: a=594.31747775582 | b=-27.23842536447 | c=0.82112226871 | d=-0.00930733913 | e=4.731582E-05 | f=-9.054E-08



For Olympic Lifts (like snatch and C&J) your MC score is based off of your Sinclair Coefficient created by Dr. Roy Sinclair, Mathematics Professor at the University of Alberta. Just like the Wilk’s formula, the Sinclair Formula is a coefficient that can be used to measure the strength of olympic lifters against other olympic lifters despite the different bodyweights. 


Your MC Score also takes into account the amount of gear the users wear while performing their lift.

For example: 2 points are deducted from your Wilk’s Score if you choose to deadlift with both straps and a weightlifting belt.

Users will also lose points for bad form and can be even disqualified:

Example 1: If a user hitches during a lift at any point then they will lose 1 point.

Example 2: If a user fails to lockout (lock knees and shoulders back) at the end of their deadlift then they are automatically.

Example 3: If a user fails to squat properly (butt below the knees) then they are automatically disqualified.

Different sponsored tournaments will have they’re own catered rules but Mass Cast generally uses both Powerlifting and Olympic rules to judge a users submission video.

So the next time you hear someone ask “How much you lift?” tell em’ to head to Mass Cast and find out for themselves!

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