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Interview with CEO Matthew Magariello

Interview with CEO Matthew Magariello

Meet our fearless leader Matthew Magariello the founder and CEO of Mass Cast! Follow Matt’s journey of changing the world of weightlifting.

Tell Everyone About Yourself? Name, Age, Location.

Matthew Magariello, but everyone calls me Matt Mags. I’m 26 years old and currently reside in New Jersey.

Tell us about what motivated you to start Mass Cast?

Back when I was in college, at Rutgers University, I used to compete in strongman competitions. Some of those competitions, like RU Strong, had weight classes. My weight class was 169lbs and below. My bodyweight…135lbs. I competed super well for my weight class, but unfortunately, I still went against kids who had over 30lbs of muscle on me so I thought to myself why wasn’t there a competition for lb. for lb. strength I then sought out powerlifting where I found out there were no weight classes and everyone used the same lb for lb strength equation, The Wilks Coefficient. Unfortunately, the problem with most powerlifting meets required payment to the federation hosting the tournament. So then I thought to myself why wasn’t there a free powerlifting competition and why did I have to travel so far to even enter one?

With the intense growth of both fitness & Instagram, I sought out to build an online powerlifting competition that was hosted on Instagram. Except this competition wasn’t just your average local powerlifting competition. It was a global online powerlifting tournament where anyone could compete at any time and in the location they chose. 

To make it even better, we weren’t a competition that just gave away medals. We give away awesome prizes, such as clothing, supplements, lifting gear & more!

It’s crazy to think about how many unknown strong people there are throughout the world who lift in their garage gyms or just lift for fun at their local gym. It was evident to me that most of these people didn’t even think of paying for a competition. They just wanted to post their progress via a social media platform and show their friends/followers. That platform being Instagram.

So this is when I got the idea for my company.

What is unique about Mass Cast?

Mass Cast is an online powerlifting tournament that features lifters from across the globe. Everyone wins something whether it may be a prize or a MASSive Discount and best of all there are no buy-ins to enter the tournament.

What kind of impact does Mass Cast have on the weightlifting community?

Mass Cast brings everyone from around the world together into one MASSive online powerlifting tournament and showcases powerlifters who aren’t able to pay for or would rather not go to a powerlifting tournament.

Where do you see Mass Cast in about 3-4 years?

The goal is to make Mass Cast into not only the largest online powerlifting tournament on the planet but a one-stop-shop for all things athleisure wear, supplements & lifting gear.

We are also planning on making Mass Cast into a mobile app and much more!


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Mass Cast, the first global online weightlifting competition hosted on Instagram. Users have the ability to compete in monthly powerlifting competitions & win prizes from sponsored supplement/gear/fitness companies just for competing. No Buy In. All the Glory. All the Gain

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