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Mass Cast Interviews Jenn Genato

Mass Cast Interviews Jenn Genato

At Mass Cast we have the pleasure of sponsoring the most powerful and dedicated weightlifters in the world! That is why we wanted to start off this Athlete feature with Jenn Genato, 33 year old based out of Pacifica, Ca. Jenn is one of our most devoted athletes and embraces the full Mass Cast spirit and community. With only two years of weightlifting experience under her belt Jenn surely knows how to wow the powerlifting world! For real though…she has been breaking her own PR’s while we were writing this article. We just can’t keep up with her! 

Tell us about your background. Where are you from, where do you currently live, what’s your occupation (if you work in addition to training), family life, what kind of sports background do you have outside of lifting, etc.

I am 33 years old, I grew up in Pacifica, CA in the Bay Area (beach town 15miles south of San Francisco). My husband and I bought our house in Pacifica in 2010, where I currently workout, we have a full gym in our garage. 

I have my degree in Interpreting American Sign Language from Fresno State, (if anyone needs an Interpreter for lifting!) but now I work full time at a Water Department. I work for 8 hours and then workout for about 1.5-2 (depending on the day) when I get home.  I grew up playing all sports, but I played soccer my entire life. I think playing soccer is what started me at such a high level of lifting.

Married the love of my life, July 4, 2014, after being together for 9 years. My husband is very supportive of my lifting and he is always helping me. We have an Australian Shepherd, Whiskey, who is always in the garage gym with me. Whiskey is the best gym partner around!

Describe your weightlifting history. When/how did you start? Who have your coaches been? What competitions have you participated in? What are your best lifts?  

I started powerlifting after my 31st birthday, so I have been lifting for 2 years now. My numbers are raw international elite level. My husband’s cousin used to coach me for the first year, and now I coach/train myself at home with my husband’s help spotting and handling. I have participated in 2 different federations, WABDL and Norcal Powerlifting, Raw open in both 97lb and 105lb weight classes and open 97lb and 105lb single ply. I hold multiple World records in both federations in both weight classes and have won best lifter in both federations for both lifts.

Best lifts – RAW 97lb weight class.
Squat Competition – 242.5, at home gym 265 lbs.
Bench Competition- 126.7 lbs.
Deadlift Competition – 325, at home 335 lbs.
Best lifts – Single ply 97 lbs.
Bench – 150.9 lbs, at home gym 170 lbs.
Deadlift Competition – 342.9 lbs, at home 365 lbs.


Please give a basic description of your training. Just tell us as much as you can about your program, weekly/yearly planning, etc

I started making my own programs the beginning of this year. I am now self-coached and self-trained, I also started training a few friends and neighbors. My first year of lifting I used to only lift 3 days a week and do the big three lifts and no accessories. Now that I train myself, I train 6 days a week.  I try and mix up my programs, right now I am 12 weeks out from Worlds, so I am making myself two 6 week blocks. If anyone is interested please DM me.

What are your plans and goals for your weightlifting career? How do you see your future in the sport? Do you plan to stay involved in weightlifting after your top competitive years are over?

I really enjoy powerlifting. I am 33 and in the best shape I have ever been in. My goal is to deadlift 350lbs raw, I weight about 100lbs. I would also like to continue to break records, I work very hard on my programs and in my workouts. I would also like to see friends I train to continue to get better and grow in the sport. My programs are always different. I see myself continuing to train and compete for a long time to come, especially since I train at home.  I love this sport and I hope I can continue for as long as I can.

Follow Jenn on Instagram and stay update with her powerlifting journey! @jennylgenato

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