New Sponsor! Enraged Labs

New Sponsor! Enraged Labs

New sponsor Alert! Introducing Enraged Labs to our January bench press competition. Enraged Labs products range from pre work to vegan protein! 

Enraged Labs is a relatively new supplement and nutrition store. Selling meal plans, online personal training plans, sport supplements and more.  Check Enraged Labs out and let them help you reach your goals!

Want to enter in the Mass Cast bench press competition and win some Enraged Labs products? Head on over to the Mass Cast Instagram page and direct message us your bench press video, name, location, e-mail body weight and weight lifted for us to calculate your MC Score. Happy Lifting!

New Sponsor Enraged Labs
New Sponsor Enraged Labs
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Mass Cast, the first global online weightlifting competition hosted on Instagram. Users have the ability to compete in monthly powerlifting competitions & win prizes from sponsored supplement/gear/fitness companies just for competing. No Buy In. All the Glory. All the Gainz.

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