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New Sponsor! Hiball

New Sponsor! Hiball

We just keep adding them! Introducing @hiballenergy to Mass Cast! 

Organic, Fair Trade, Based out of San Francisco, these Guys & Gals not only make some kicka^* Cold Brew Coffee, but also have some banger Energy Drinks. 


“In 2004, Hiball Founder Todd Berardi was working in investment banking in San Francisco. Around this time, many young professionals were drinking Red Bull on a daily basis. He liked the energy that it gave him, but not the artificial taste, or the crash that occurred shortly after consumption. He imagined a healthier option: why not a sparkling water with energy? He was convinced there had to be a better way, and set on his path to find a formula partner, glass and packaging suppliers and called on a graphic designer friend, Alyssa Warnock, to design the logo and packaging. This led to the launch of Hiball Energy in late 2005. Alyssa and Todd have worked together on Hiball from day one, and continue to do so to date (and are now married).

Shortly after Todd launched Hiball, he met Dan Craytor at a ski movie premiere in San Francisco, and hired him to be the Director of Sales. Dan joined Todd in the daily mission of loading up their cars with cases of Hiball and selling throughout San Francisco. One by one, the store shelves in the Bay Area began to make room for their short glass bottles. Safeway launched the sparkling water line in 2006 and then Whole Foods Market took the line nationwide in October of 2007. Over the past few years, Hiball has hired a team of sales, marketing, and operations employees.”

Hiball has always been about energy! Want to enter a Mass Cast competition and win some Hiball products? Head on over to the Mass Cast Instagram page and direct message us your video, name, location, e-mail body weight and weight lifted for us to calculate your MC Score. Happy Lifting!

Mass Cast, the first global online weightlifting competition hosted on Instagram. Users have the ability to compete in monthly powerlifting competitions & win prizes from sponsored supplement/gear/fitness companies just for competing. No Buy In. All the Glory. All the Gain


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