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New Sponsor! Olympiada Gear
New Mass Cast Sponor

New Sponsor! Olympiada Gear

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The Mass Cast Team is absolutely pumped and excited to add @olympiadagear as a sponsor to our June clean & jerk competition!

Olympiada is a collaboration of current and X professional athletes who have got together and broke down what would be best to have as a solid arsenal in the gym.  Olympiada Gear  has a wide range of weightlifting gear from professional wrist wraps to compression sleeves. If you want to achieve a greater lift go to and check out their bomb a** gear! 🔥🔥🔥

Want to enter in the Mass Cast Clean & Jerk competition? Head on over to the Mass Cast Instagram page and direct message us your clean and jerk video,  name, location, e-mail body weight and weight lifted for us to calculate your MC Score. Happy Lifting! 

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