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New Sponsor! Zone Smelling Salts

New Sponsor! Zone Smelling Salts

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The Mass Cast Team is absolutely pumped and excited to add  Zone Smelling Salts as a sponsor to our August Deadlift competition. 

The strongest and longest lasting smelling salts on the market. This will take you past any plateau by giving you a high quality adrenaline boost. Endorsed by some of the highest level powerlifters in the world.

Zone is shipped and stored as a dry powder to guarantee you the longest life span and highest potency possible. Activating your bottle of zone is very easy and straight forward. Simply add 15ml or a Zone lid full of water, put back on the lid and shake for a few seconds. Always keep the lid on tight. It will continue to get stronger over the next 24 hours.

Want to enter in the Mass Cast Deadlift competition and win Zone Smelling Salts? Head on over to the Mass Cast Instagram page and direct message us your deadlift video, name, location, e-mail body weight and weight lifted for us to calculate your MC Score. Happy Lifting!

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