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Support the Mass Cast App on Indiegogo

Support the Mass Cast App on Indiegogo

Introducing the first social and competitive weightlifting app that gives users the ability to lift, upload, and compete for supplements, gear, and more. Coming soon to  iOS and Android mobile devices. The Mass Cast app ranks a user’s personal weightlifting records against users around the world. Fitness enthusiasts have the ability share their gains, compete, join sponsored competitions, create teams, and engage/build upon the weightlifting community.


The Mass Cast app rewards users for their healthy lifestyles. Not only does it have the ability to find the strongest people in the world, but it also has the ability to reward every user for posting daily no matter how strong they are. If users post videos they will gain Cast Coins and those coins will be used to purchase sponsored gear or buy into tournaments where they have the opportunity to win more prizes. Users also have the ability to check in on their personal and competitive goals.

Ranking System:

How much do you lift? A simple question that can be asked at a gym or social setting. But does revealing the weight a person lifts really show how strong they are? The members of the Mass Cast team have created an algorithm to automatically ranks a user’s lift. Mass Cast has developed a seamless equation, based off of both the Wilk’s Coefficient & Sinclair Coefficient, that evaluates the strength of powerlifters and best of all takes into account bad form, as well as, the different types of gear people use to lift such as straps, wraps, belts, etc. Users will be able to compete without any bias of weight, weight lifted and gender.

Global Reach:

Users have the ability to compete and interact with powerlifters around the world. Creating more exposure and developing a world wide community.

Innovative features on Mass Cast mobile app include:

  • Upload and edit your weightlifting videos. Crop, caption and enter in your weightlifting information.
  • Create your own profile and share your videos!  Socialize and follow other weightlifters around the world!
  • Compete in local and global contests with men and women. Enter in to win prizes: fitness gear, supplements and more!
  • Compete using the MC SCORE! See where you rank compared to other weightlifters. Share your gains and progress.
  • Create/Join Teams! Find and compare the strongest athletes on any team!  – Professional, College, High School, Gyms, etc.
  • Compete against people your own age and see where you rank. Find the strongest lb for lb people at every age!

About Mass Cast:

At Mass Cast, Inc we have a passion for weightlifting that drives us to release the most innovative and revolutionized app idea in the sport of powerlifting. Fitness is important and something we should all enjoy. Our aim is to create a positive and engaging experience for our users and find the strongest human beings on the planet. We believe that actions speak louder than words. We don’t want to hear that you’re the strongest in your gym. We want to see it!

Help support Mass Cast on Indiegogo. All funds are allocated towards the development of THE MASS CAST APP.

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