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DMHA (Juglans Regia Extract) Powder - 100% Pure by Project M

DMHA (Juglans Regia Extract) Powder - 100% Pure by Project M

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DMHA (also known as 2-amino-6-methylheptane, dimethylhexylamine and other names) is often compared to DMAA, and seen as a more tame version. gram-for-gram. It was once often used in supplements marketed as thermogenics (fat burners) and pre-workouts because of its reported effects as an appetite suppressant and energy enhancer. It’s also been claimed to enhance focus, memory, and attention; increase pain threshold; and decrease rates of perceived exertion.

DMHA is also referred to as Juglans Regia Extract - from an herb which has been widely used in Ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine for centuries. However, the pure, synthetic variation also known as 2-amino-6 is to be considered much more potent in its properties.


NOTE: DMHA is not considered a dietary supplement and is intended for research purposes only. Advanced research of this compound is suggested prior to purchase.


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