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Caffeine Anhydrous Anhydrous 100% Pure

Caffeine Anhydrous Anhydrous 100% Pure

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US Pharmaceutical Grade Caffeine 100% Pure With no additive or fillers. For research use and to be used as an ingredient in supplements only. 

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50 Grams = 5000mg
of Caffeine Anhydrous Per Packet


Prime Energy (12 ounces): 200 mg

Celsius (12 ounces): 200 mg

Starbucks Cold Brew (11 ounces): 155 mg

Monster Energy (12 ounces): 123 mg

Red Bull (12 ounces): 108 mg

Generic Cup of Coffee (8 ounces): 95mg

Diet Coke (12 ounces): 46.8 mg

Snapple Iced Peach Tea (16 ounces): 37 mg

What Is Caffeine?

Caffeine is the primary alkaloid found in green and roasted coffee beans. Common dietary sources include coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, and chocolate. It stimulates the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system to prevent drowsiness. Caffeine’s most recognized mechanism of action is temporarily blocking adenosine from entering its receptor. Adenosine makes the body aware of drowsiness, and blocking its receptor induces alertness.


Caffeine is best known for its stimulant properties, but it is also a notable nootropic, performance enhancer, and fat burner. It also supports longevity. Caffeine synergizes with other supplements to enhance the benefits of both.


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